Indie 5-0: Five Questions with Mary Jennings

Thank you SO much to Independent Artist Buzz for this interview! 

Mary Jennings’ latest album Metamorphosis may seem, at moments, very much like a coming of age record, but after you listen the whole way through you will feel as though you’ve never known someone who had it more together. There is a rare wisdom found on Jennings’  Metamorphosis that made us want to talk to her so badly.

An Interview with Mary Jennings: 

1. You are ensconced in the non-country Nashville music scene. Tell us how it differs from New York.

Both music scenes are awesome!  Undeniably, New York’s music scene tends to be a little bit more diverse and unique which makes going to those shows so much fun.  You never know what you are going to see or discover because almost anything goes in NYC.  In Nashville, you might not get quite as much diversity but it makes up for that in talent. I can go into almost any venue at any night of the week in Nashville and see some of the most amazing singers and musicians.  As a player, I enjoy both scenes a lot!  There are lots of great venues and supportive fans and friends.  I definitely have my favorite places to play in both cities but they all offer a warm and supportive atmosphere.

2. Your music has come a long way genre-wise since you first started recording. Do you bore easily? :) Or is this just your natural evolution?

Ha!  I don’t think I bore easily, I just think my sounds ages and changes as I do.  I don’t know many artists that sound the same when they are 19 as they do when they are in their 30s.  My music has simply evolved with the times and with my tastes.  As I have learned and experienced more, the topics of my songs and the way I chose to express them shift.  It’s all still me. 

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