Mary Jennings


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With an enormous singing voice that transcends her small frame, Mary has carved out her own unique niche in the industry by doing things her way. Born into a family with strong musical roots, she began playing piano at five and has fond memories of her grandparents teaching her vocal harmonies at a young age – a skill that is very evident in her work today. Mary’s adolescent and teenage years were marked by her development on piano and the cultivation of her vocal ability through many school plays and musicals, but it was the sudden death of her mother in 2001 that prompted a seismic surge in her musical expression. “When people ask me why I’m a musician, I tell them that it’s largely because music is my therapy,” she says. “I share these emotions with others because I know so many have felt the same things. If I can create melodies and deliver words that express their feelings, I’ve done my job.”

Mary’s strong work ethic and commitment to her craft has paid off handsomely in recent years. A Casio-sponsored artist, she was featured in an online advertising campaign for the company’s new line of keyboards in 2011 and her song “The Darkness” was placed in the Lionsgate motion picture "Devil Seed."   In 2014, her song “Move” was featured during a final dance on Lifetime’s tv show “Dance Moms.” Mary has organized a number of extensive tours as well, opening for artists such as Jeffrey Gaines, Mike Doughty, Teddy Geiger, Ryan Cabrera, and Rachel Yamagata, and she has appeared at several major festivals including CMJ and South by Southwest. She often treats fans to a unique stage set-up when performing on her own, prominently featuring a loop pedal that she uses to effortlessly layer rhythmic beats and beautiful background harmonies over her unmistakably unique piano playing and vocals.



"Hold on to your seats, because Jennings is simply a force to be reckoned with."
-No Country for New Nashville

“A powerful, expressive voice.” 
-The Deli Magazine : NYC

“Mary Jennings is a vocal powerhouse. Her sound is bold and full, largely thanks to her unique voice. Jennings can belt it out like Adele, but throw in 
light, airy elements like Sarah McLachlan or Regina Spektor. The singer and pianist produces a robust, emotional sound that clearly comes from a genuine place.”

“Mary Jennings knows how to deliver a song. Her highly personal and emotional singing style is raw and captivating. It’s the sort of performance that keeps audiences rapt with attention; leaning in 
toward the stage so they don’t miss a thing.”
-Wildy’s World

“As a solo act, Mary Jennings is a captivating siren; as a full band, a wondrous singer-songwriter-indie-rock-pop-experience not to be missed.” 
-Blast Magazine

“No matter if she is performing with her full backing band; or on her trademark Casio synthesizer, looping harmonies and instrumentation; or even if she is playing on an acoustic piano, you still get the same explosive effect- the same full, mind-blowing sound. That is the mark of a true musician.” 
-Harmonious Flame

“(Mary) Jennings is a fiery siren that packs a big punch in a small package. With an incredible vocal range, immaculate control, and passionate words, 
Jennings is a must see when she stops into your town.”
-Underground Sound