Mary Jennings Box Set


Mary Jennings Box Set


This box set comes with 5 albums from Mary Jennings earlier years.  This box set features songs spanning a 11 year period.  It includes "Jennings" (2001), "Recovery" (2002), "Femtastic" (2007), "Collapse, Collide" (2011), and "Take It Or Leave : Live Album" (2012).

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Being a songwriter requires evolution.   Songs, performances, and artistry will all evolve in any songwriter’s career.  I am no exception to the rule.  I have been writing music for over 10 years now and still feel like I am growing as an artist.  This set includes every full-length album I have to date.

Jennings (2001 by Mark Allen)

Jennings was my first complete album.  I wrote and recorded the majority of it during a very dark time in my life and it became my therapy.  Losing my mother so suddenly was devastating and I found comfort in music.

Recovery (2002 by Mark Allen)

After I recorded Jennings, I started to feel the beginning of my recovery.  I felt a weight was lifted off and my music started to show that.  I felt it important to record my “light at the end of the tunnel” and Recovery was created almost exactly one year later.

Femtastic (2007 by Jonathan Smith)

Once I graduated college, I moved back to Nashville and had a whole new batch of songs.  I was feeling strength as an independent woman and wanted to express those changes.  I experienced many ups and downs since 2001 and I was ready to share them. What started as a 4 song EP quickly shifted into a 10 song album with both a fully produced disc and a stripped down version.

Collapse, Collide (2011 by Dan McLoughlin)

By the time Femtastic was released, I had moved to New York City.  While there, I met so many talented musicians that inspired me more than ever before.  New patterns and topics of songs arose and I was surrounded by amazing players who were willing to perform on my recordings. I did a 5 song EP called Storybook EP with Dan, then instantly wanted to work on a full-length.

Take It or Leave (2012 Live Album with one studio track by Dan McLoughlin)

After putting out four full-length albums and touring a ton, I thought it was time to get a little bit raw.  I wanted to give people a disc that gave them exactly what they heard at a show.  I wanted to share the intimacy of a performance while also exposing my flaws.  Take It or Leave contains performances from 3 different shows with one studio track as an extra.

I am overwhelmingly blessed to work with so many wonderful musicians, producers, songwriters, and industry folks.  The talent that surrounds me constantly amazes me.  Thank you to every musician, producer, engineer, talent booker, friend, fan, and family that has supported me over the years.  It inspires me to keep going.